Urus on a Royal Tour, unveiled in UAE


The Super SUV was unveiled at Lamborghini Dubai, the world’s largest Lamborghini showroom located on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, with Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Domenicali in attendance.

“We are extremely excited to be here today with our dealer in Dubai. This is a very important market for us already, and even more so now that the Lamborghini Urus, our Super SUV, has arrived,” commented Stefano Domenicali. “With the launch of this model in the Middle East and specifically in the UAE, we are expecting to at least double our sales volumes in this region.”

To celebrate the arrival of the Urus Super SUV in the UAE, the car was taken on an exclusive ‘Royal Tour’, visiting the royal palaces of all 7 emirates. In this way, the royal families had the privilege of private viewing sessions with the Lamborghini Urus one week before the unveiling event.

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